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How To Make Money Blogging


Wake up in the morning, type a few sentences on your tablet or laptop, post it and then wait for your readers to comment. After that, watch your money roll into your bank account. Does this sound too good to be true? The answer is that it actually is. While it is true that some talented guys have made money using blogging, the truth is that they work very hard for it. In this article, we tell you the things that you must do in order to make money from your blog.

Step#1: Find a topic you are passionate or knowledgeable about

It is a lot easier to make money from something you are knowledgeable or passionate about instead of writing about something you do not know because you believe that it can make money for you.

Think of a hobby you enjoy, something you are knowledgeable about or even your career. Take time to think of a topic. Write down as many topics of interest to you as possible.

Step#2: Choose the topic according to profitability

For you to make money, it is important to choose a niche other people haven’t already filled but which is popular enough to attract lots of visitors. You also need to take other factors into account, like the amount of money that you would need to spend were your blog to be focused on writing product reviews. Use the tips below:

• Select a specific niche and not necessarily a broad topic. Instead of writing about general fitness, consider writing for a specific thing, like training for marathon.
• For you to reach a wider audience, select something that is slightly broader and then work seriously on it to come up best content for your chosen topic. Hot subtopics are those that relate to relationship advice, finance or fitness.

Step#3: Advertise your blog

To monetize your blog, you must ensure that it is able to attract tons of traffic. The key is to promote your blog. The following are the ways to promote your blog:Write quality content: do not give your readers terrible grammar and bad writing.

Keep search engines into account: you can take advantage of Search Preferences feature to ensure that those who want your content can get it easily.

• Comment actively
If you happen to encounter a blog that you really like, make sure you leave a comment.

This ensures that other people who like and read your comments can click back to your profile to even check out your own blog.

Ensure to show testimonials of your successes.

Step#4: Monetize money with blogging

There are different ways that bloggers make money. Different bloggers will have different combinations of income streams. It helps to know the different kinds of income streams that are there.

Do not go straight into monetizing your blog as this risks damaging your reputation. The following are the main ways to monetize your blog.

Affiliate marketing•

Selling actual products like books, handmade products and manufactured products• Offering services like app developer, coach, writing among other things

Beware of scam products like work at home university as these products can damage your reputation. See a indepth review of real work at home jobs.

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If you’re an affiliate try to seek out long running established business to align yourself with. Learn about the Motor Club Of America here.


There are a lot of world billionaires that have been borne out of the internet. One of the ways to become rich through the internet is through blogging. But far from what some people say, it is not just about starting a website and writing on a topic you love and are passionate about. It entails a lot of hard work. Once you learn the ropes, you can start making money blogging.